Sunday, January 18, 2009

A First Timer

My entire family blogs and it never really interested me. I would read theirs and enjoy them but never thought I should do one until now. What changed my mind? Who knows really, except for the fact that I stopped taking it so seriously and thinking that it had to be some profound thought from me. I can write what is on my mind and share my life without the pressure of it having to be perfect. I guess I also came around to the thought that it could aid me in staying in touch with my family, organize my life (thoughts and goals) and share/define my point of view in the world. Ambitious, right? Anyway, here goes nothing....


  1. No not nothing! Welcome to blogland. It's fun! Believe me, it does help you create a journal--but a more interesting one because you can add images and such and actually get a little feedback.

  2. I like your blog title. Can we still think of you as a little perfect if we want to? I look forward to your thoughts.