Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Exciting Week

Monday was the first Valentine's Day for Jesse and I. I think we both did an amazing job! I am a sucker for this holiday and I am sure it has something to do with all the Disney (like Little Mermaid) and romantic movies (like Princess Bride) I grew up watching. Enjoy our yummy pictures!

Hello Cupcakes, one red rose, tokens for art and vintage looking card! 
Here is the card close up, so cute!
I made Jesse these heart shaped pink creme filled cookies (pink creme not added yet) that I baked from scratch.  
I apologize for the blurriness but finished product all wrapped up!
I also made him a card and got him an healthy energy drink.

In other news...
In just over an hour my friend April will be arriving from Arizona.
I am so excited to go pick her up and spend the next four days showing her the Pacific Northwest. It's her first trip if you can believe it.

Hopefully some great pictures of Seattle, Tacoma and Portland if I can remember to take them!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lovely February!

Only about one month has passed since my last blog, this is great!
So roughly only one more month to wait for news of Graduate School! It's getting very hard to focus on day to day activities and not let my thoughts linger to what is going to happen. What a journey graduate school is already and I have not even started. I started this process about a year ago with one giant, important thought.  
I think I want to go back to school. Yikes! 

Though my mind has flitted back and forth I actually got a lot accomplished since my last post.

The breakdown:
Blanket for Kelli's son Wesley-- finished, blocked, mailed and has been received.

Mittens for my self-- check. They are flip top. Awesome!
(Just need to add the little green buttons from mom)

Completed Mansfield and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I have read all 6 of her novels.
 I have always wanted to complete them all and now I have! Go me.

This is the movie version that I have watched over and over. You know the one with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant.

However, I recently watched this version (it was given to me by my parents last year I believe) and it is so beautifully photographed. The colors are so modern. It made me want to sketch the entire time I was watching it. 
(I also really wanted to live in their cottage by the sea.)

Resume is just about done. Only needs a few tweaks in the skill section.
New website started...creating it in Microsoft Publisher and still trying to figure out what I want. 
That's in   progress.
Also, reading Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. This is one of Jesse's school books. It's about London in the late 1800's and deals with the Cholera outbreak. It is really intriguing, especially after reading all Austen's work.

Last and probably one of the most important to me. I have started sketching again. I read a really great graphic memoir entitled Everyday Matters by Danny Greggory. 
It explained away a lot of the fears that I have about sketching and 
re inspired me with objects that are around me.