Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Collage Style

For the month of June, I decieded to do a collage of what I accomplished and the fun I had. I think the fun out weighs the work but what can I say it's summer and I'm in that mine set (work is getting done too I promise, hehe). Enjoy!

1. Folklife Festival in Seattle, WA: May 29th
2. Jesse gave us Adobe Design Premium for our 15 month of Dating
3. Nae Regrets at Folklife!
4. Yummy muffins that I made with sausage
5. The Moore Theater where Jesse and I saw Brett Dennen. Amazing show!
6. Our Geum " Red Dragon" flower blooming at our plot at the community garden.
7. Farmers' Market finds this past saturday, Poppies! And yes that is a gaint pb cookie sandwich.
8. Raised bed that Jesse and I made this past Saturday for my parents. It was so fun and easy.
9. Our Zuch plant growing stronger and stronger
10. And last our plot at the community garden that is finnally filled up with plants. (Can not wait till they are  
      all full grown!)


  1. That's a bunch of fun and green-thumbage! I especially like #8. :-)

  2. Good diversity in your accomplishments!! You know I'm tickled about all the gardening. Keep enjoying every minute of every day. Love You.

  3. I am really enjoying it. It is so relaxing and you feel like you are accomplishing something at the same time. I love it!