Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April "Showers"

Brings a flutter of ideas and things for me to work on. March was spent recovering and restoring my health so not much actual work got done.

April's goals include resume complete re-work, website re-design and a professional blog! I also joined twitter (my name), no tweets as of yet but so fun following all the design tweets. I may be hooked to it, oops.

Here are a few pics of what has happened since last post...

Sadly the only two picture's that I took while my friend, April, was visiting. 
Left: April at Powell's Book store in Portland
Right: Our donut selections at Voodoo Donut in Portland

Our new addition to the apartment, Worms!!
(It's a Verma composter)

And, lastly our St. Patrick's day treat. 
Green colored red velvet cupcakes and Irish creme cupcakes, Yum!


  1. Love all your posts, sorry I have been remiss in commenting. I, too, am looking for an interesting resume format, but not quite brave enough to use any from your list. The worm composter sounds good but scary, how is it working out? Wishing you great success in all your endeavors. As info your house collage/sketch art is now hanging next to my bed to be looked at every night before I get into bed. Love it and would like to see more. luvm

  2. Yum! I gained five more pounds just looking at that post (except the worm part).

  3. Worm composting isn't scary at all. They are contained in a plastic tiered bin as you see and they just sit there and eat and eat. It stays outside and really does not have a bad odor. There are things you do to maintain the balance of the worms diet and that keeps fruit flies and odor away. We have had it for about a month now and just added our second tray!