Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year and Current Projects!

It is so nice when your project due dates coincide with the new year. I have completed and submitted four graduate school packages. Three of them were due this week (wow that is crazy to think about) and the last was due first thing in February.

Current projects include...

               ... a lovely baby blanket for my friend Kelli who's baby boy will be arriving soon!
  (I better hurry-- only 5 more squares left to complete.)  

...reading Mansfield Park

I have loved Jane Austen's work for sometime now. I grew up watching Pride and Prejudice (BBC/ A&E version) with my sister Emily. I have tried to sit down and read several of her books with great difficulty.   This year (well end of 2010)  I was able to start and finish Pride and Prejudice.

From this accomplishment, it really spurred me on to read all of her works. So far I have read Emma, Persuasion, and Northhanger Abby.  After completing Mansfield Park I will have only one left (Sense and Sensibility)!

My mom also asked me while I was reading them to keep my eye out for knitting references. I admit I got a little caught up in each story and forgot her request but really feel as though they are few and far between. My plan is to glance back over them to make sure I did not miss them. I like the challenge!

...and last but certainly not least, I am revamping my resume once again. Since I did it last, I feel it needs a breathe of fresh air.  

I am in the research, sketch, and explore phase.  I am a creative person and am lucky enough to have the background to pursue a creative job and I would like my resume to reflect that.  There are a lot of exciting resumes out there. I do not want to be this far out there but take a look at these

More interesting and cool stuff to come this year. Stay inspired!

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